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Added Security Always Within Reach

The GDSD will keep a continuous lookout for you and your neighbors. Each evening for a five or six hour random period, the GDSD will also provide an off duty NOPD officer to patrol the area and to be available for any emergencies that may arise. And, periodically, horseback patrols may be hired by the GDSD to monitor the District. These security services are in addition to the normal NOPD coverage for the area that is provided by the Sixth District of the New Orleans Police Department.

All officers are within a stone’s throw from your home or place of business. Calls to the GDSD number 899-GDSD (4373) are answered directly by an officer on duty in the District rather than transferred through a dispatch system. All officers carry a radio and a cell phone at all times allowing clear communication between all parties involved.

All day, every day, GDSD officers are available in the District to assist you in emergency situations, to check your home or business when you are out of town, escort you safely from your car to your door, check out suspicious persons in the area, work closely with the NOPD officers of the Sixth District to monitor and deter crime in the area, and report crimes that have occurred. Please call directly to the patrol for these service 899-4373 (GDSD)

We encourage you to get to know your officers and your neighbors. Stay safe!

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