Can I report a crime electronically or ask for help via my iPhone or Android Phone?
Yes, it’s a breeze. Simply go to the App store and download the SDT App Task Force, open it and follow the instructions. Allow for push notifications (messages sent to you) if you wish and begin using the app to report a crime, ask for a vacation check or escort, etc. (Note: To download the app, you must be within the GDSD District boundaries.) Remember, you can still call in for assistance to the officers anytime, 504-899-4373.

Can I speak directly to the officer on duty?
Yes, your call for assistance will always be answered directly by an officer on duty in the neighborhood rather than a remote dispatcher. This method allows for direct communication between you and the officer, reducing the response time and the potential problems related to relaying the information.

Are the officers designated to a particular area?
Officers are designated to “zones” within the 13×6 block area, reducing each officer’s territory of coverage. Unless an emergency takes him or her out of the zone, an officer should be within 10 blocks of your home at all times. The “zones” change every so often to prevent learned habits by the would-be criminals.

Why are officers sometimes seen together?
Officers often meet to pass along information that cannot be transmitted via radio contact. Supervisors meet with the other patrol officers as a matter of course during the shifts. During the evening hours when NOPD detail officers are on duty as well, periodic face to face meetings are encouraged to allow for stronger working relationships between the two forces.

Sometimes I notice the officers meeting in the parking lot at Walgreen’s on Magazine Street, McDonald’s on St. Charles or elsewhere in the area. Why is that?
These locations are designated for the GDSD shift changes between officers. Therefore, those officers completing or beginning a shift will meet for a brief consultation on activities in the area, and for vehicle and equipment check and change.

I have noticed officers in and out of the businesses and homes in the area. Why?
Community policing is noted to be one of the most effective crime prevention resources used across the country. Officers are urged to make regular contact with the residents and business owners and operators to encourage better communication between all neighbors and the patrol. Also, several businesses have offered restroom facilities for the officers on duty.

Do the officers get a break during their shift?
Yes, officers are allowed two 15 minute breaks and one meal break during their eight hour shift. These recesses must be taken within the district to allow close contact in case of an emergency.

Are the officers armed?
Yes, all NOPD and GDSD officers carry a weapon and have received the training necessary to use them.

Can the officers assist me in things such as in bringing in my groceries or walking my dog?
While all officers are courteous and helpful, they are not allowed to perform personal tasks such as bringing in the groceries or walking the dog. An escort service may be requested while unloading or loading things to and from the home, though the time period should be kept to a maximum of five minutes.

Can the GDSD patrol handle security for private parties in the area?
The GDSD patrol should be notified of large gatherings in the area so that they are prepared to make additional security sweeps of the area. However, officers are not allowed to abandon their zone to cover one specific place. If you wish to hire an officer to be stationed at an event, you may hire one directly from any security service in the city, including New Orleans Private Patrol, or from the NOPD. For more information on this, please call the GDSD office, 525-7911.

How to report fraud?
Call the Louisiana Legislative Auditor at 1-844-50-Fraud (1-844-503-7283) or go to their website: http://www.lla.la.gov/hotline/

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