Recent Weekly Activity

This Week (May 21 - May 28)

May 233:15 am2200 block of magazine Assisting with traffic stop 18Traffic Incident11
May 232:00 pmBreaux Mart MagazineGDSD responded to the incident, subject was detained and transported to lock-up by nopd.67SShoplifting21
May 233:52 am2200 block of magazine Resident escort9RResident Escort10
May 224:08 am2200 block of magazine NOPD assist 18Traffic Incident11
May 223:59 am2600 block of magazine Nopd responded to the call Incident #: E2439917 35Simple Battery01
May 2212:40 amWalgreens MagazineBusiness escort9BBusiness escort10
May 225:50 am Breaux Mart MagazineBusiness ecort9BBusiness escort10
May 223:46 am2200 block of magazine Resident escort9RResident Escort10

Last Week (May 14 - May 21)

May 215:17 pmMagazine and Ninth noise complaint21Complaint10
May 215:52 amBreaux Mart magazinebusiness escort9BBusiness escort10
May 219:30 pm1400 block of philip Resident escort9RResident Escort10
May 219:56 pm1400 block of philip st Resident escort9RResident Escort10
May 203:55 am2600 block of magazine White female bit a white male on the hand and started walking down Magazine towards Washington.35Simple Battery11
May 194:47 am1600 block of Seventh false alarm62ASilent Burglar Alarm11
May 1912:23 amWalgreens Business escort9BBusiness escort10
May 193:47 am2200 block of magazine Business escort9BBusiness escort10
May 187:57 pm1400 block of toledano nopd responded to the incident Incident #: E2281917 35DSimple Battery - Domestic11
May 187:19 am1400 block of 3rd NOPD responded to the incdent Incident #: E2196917 62Simple Burglary01
May 189:01 am1200 block of Jackson nopd responded to the incident, Incident #: E2206917 67Theft01
May 185:48 amBreaux Mart Magazine Business escort 9BBusiness escort10
May 1712:42 pmFirstst and prytaina GDSD responded to the incident, subject transported to the hospital by ems 20IAuto Accident w/ Injury21
May 175:58 amBreaux Mart MagazineBusiness escort9BBusiness escort10
May 1710:11 pmJoey K magazineBusiness escort9BBusiness escort10
May 173:01 pm1500 block of Phillp Resident escort9RResident Escort10
May 1711:34 pm1200 block of eight Resident escort9RResident Escort10
May 1710:00 pm2200 block of chestnut Resident escort9RResident Escort10
May 1711:39 pm2600 block of Camp Resident escort9RResident Escort10
May 165:30 pmCc's Coffee shop magazinesubject gone on arrival 103Disturbance10
May 169:20 pmJoeys magazine Business escort9BBusiness escort10
May 168:39 pm1500 block of Seventh residential escort 9RResident Escort10
May 165:16 pm1500 block of phillip resident escort9RResident Escort10
May 1512;37 pm1300 block of 3rd st Nopd responded Incident #: E1854617 62CTheft from Auto Interior01
May 159:52 am2600 block of prytania NOPD Responded to the incident 62CSimple Burglary / Theft from Interior Auto01

The statistics noted herein are compiled from several sources: NOPD Sixth District, NOPD special details, GDSD Officers and the Times Picayune publications. Every effort is made to report the activity as accurately as possible based on reports received from the victims. Please note that statistics often change once a case has been more thoroughly investigated and must be re-issued within a different category.