Monthly Activity - 2017

Signal - Infraction














000 no incident0000000000000
006 NOPD CONTACTS0000000000000
100 Hit and Run1100000000002
103 Disturbance3310000000007
103D Domestic Disturbance2110000000004
103F Fight0000000000000
103M Mental0130000000004
106 Obsenity0000000000000
107 Suspicious Person86600000000020
18 Traffic Incident0000000000000
18 Incident0100000000001
19 Drunk53200000000010
20 Auto Accident3100000000004
20I Auto Accident w/ Injury0110000000002
20I Injury Accident0000000000000
20X Police Vehicle Accident0000000000000
21 Complaint16131000000000039
21J Missing Juveniles0000000000000
21J Complaint Missing Juvenile0000000000000
21L Lost or Stolen0000000000000
21M Missing Adult0000000000000
23 Traffic congestion0000000000000
24 Medical0320000000005
27 Attempt Crime0100000000001
27-62B Attempt Business Burglary0000000000000
27-62C Attempted theft/auto interior0000000000000
27/62R Attempted Res. Burglary0000000000000
27/64G Attempted Armed Robbery w/Gun0000000000000
27:67A Attempted Auto Burglary0000000000000
27:67S Attempted Shoplifting0000000000000
27; 67B Attempted Bike Theft0000000000000
29 Death0000000000000
30 Homicide0000000000000
30S Homicide by Shooting0000000000000
34 Aggravated Battery0000000000000
34C Aggravated Battery by Cutting0000000000000
34D Aggravated Battery by Domestic0000000000000
34S Aggravated Battery by Shooting0000000000000
34S Shooting0000000000000
35 Simple Battery2310000000006
35D Simple Battery - Domestic0010000000001
35D Domestic / Simple Assault0010000000001
37 Aggravated Assault0010000000001
37D aggravated Assault - Domestic0000000000000
38 Simple Assult0010000000001
38D Simple Assault - Domestic0000000000000
42 Aggravated Rape0000000000000
43 Simple Rape0000000000000
52F Fire0000000000000
55 Aggravated Criminal Damage to Property0000000000000
56 Simple Criminal Damage3010000000004
56 Simple Dam Prop0000000000000
59 Criminal Mischief0000000000000
60 Aggravated Burglary0000000000000
61 Auto Smash & Grab0000000000000
62 Simple Burglary1000000000001
62A Silent Burglar Alarm107200000000019
62B Business Burglary0000000000000
62C Automobile Burglary0000000000000
62C Theft from Auto Interior1400000000005
62C Simple Burglary / Theft from Interior Auto2110000000004
62L Local Burglar Alarm0100000000001
62R Residence Burglary1110000000003
63 Tresspassing1100000000002
63 Criminal Tresspass0000000000000
64 Armed Robbery0000000000000
64G Armed Robbery (gun)1010000000002
64J Car Jacking0000000000000
64K Armed Robbery (knife)0000000000000
65 Robbery0000000000000
65 Simple Robbery0000000000000
65P Purse Snatching0100000000001
66 Extortion - Threats0000000000000
67 Theft2030000000005
67A Auto Theft1110000000003
67B Bicycle Theft0010000000001
67C Theft from Auto Exterior0000000000000
67S Shoplifting2010000000003
69 Possession of Stolen Property0000000000000
72 Forgery (counterfeit)0000000000000
83 Soliciting for Prostitution0000000000000
84 Pandering0000000000000
912 Unknown Trouble0000000000000
94 Illegal Use of Weapons0000000000000
94 Shots Fired0000000000000
95G Illegal Carring of Weapon - Gun0000000000000
966 Drug Violation0000000000000
98 D.W.I0100000000001
99 Reckless Driving0000000000000
9B Business escort404034000000000114
9R Resident Escort485720000000000125

The statistics noted herein are compiled from several sources: NOPD Sixth District, NOPD special details, GDSD Officers and the Times Picayune publications. Every effort is made to report the activity as accurately as possible based on reports received from the victims. Please note that statistics often change once a case has been more thoroughly investigated and must be re-issued within a different category.