Garden District Security District

Important Numbers and Links

Reporting Crimes is Important

Please assist the NOPD and the GDSD in controlling and monitoring crime by reporting all crime, no matter how large or small. Statistics are used to determined the amount of NOPD service that is allocated to each neighborhood throughout the city, so thorough reporting of all activity helps to portray a more accurate picture of our neighborhood’s needs. Please report crimes to both the NOPD (504)821-2222 for non-emergency calls) and the GDSD (504)899-GDSD.

Important Numbers and Links
GDSD Administrative office(504)525-7911
GDSD Patrol(504)899-GDSD (4373)
Lexis Nexis Community Crime
NOPD (emergency)911
NOPD (non-emergency)
NOPD 6th District Station_x000D_
Captain: Eric Gillard
NOPD Calendar of Meetings and
NOPD Crime
Important Documents / Resources
GDSD Enabling
Louisiana Open Meetings LawPDF
NOPD NONPACC for residents: meetings 2nd Wednesday of each month at 6PMLive on facebook
PhoneWebsite, Email or Address
Lesli Harris
Councilmember District B
New Orleans City Hall1300 Perdido Street.
New Orleans, LA 70112
New Orleans’ City
Mayor’s Office(504)658-4900
Fraud Hotline1-800-50-FRAUD (503-7283)
City of New
Abandoned Vehicles311
Assessor Erroll Williams(504)658-1300
Health Department311
Public Works / Streets(504)658-8000
Parking Control / Residential Permits(504)658-8200
Safety and Permits311
Sewerage & Water Board(504)529-2837
Street light outages311
Traffic lights311